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Why THC Strains Might Be a Potential Antidote

There’s been a lot of fuss regarding THC and Cannabis these days. A lot of people are falling for THC strains as these materials offer a psychoactive relief with their placebo effect. But frankly, many d not know what makes THC a potential antidote or what should be the choicest one for them. Remember, not everything available in the market makes a great choice for you. Based on consumption techniques, CBD content, and terpene profiles, one should choose the product. All these factors go into deciding the sensation you feel.

Yes, THC provides a plethora of benefits and often medically used as a pain relief potion. Plus, they are palliative doses for many things. But the high dose strains are not for everyone. Rea on to know why the doses differ from on person to the other.

THC strains are highly effective
THC strains are highly effective

Basically, What’s THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is nothing but a psychoactive component in cannabis, which gives the user a high. THC’s potential in the cannabis is measured in percentage. So, when the labelled reading in 15%, it means 150 mg per gram of the total cannabis content. But, the THC strain content is quite high when the potency is beyond 20%.

Health benefits of THC

There are science backed theories of THC’s health benefits. Studies reveal how the right THC doses help increase appetite in patients having poor appetite. Plus, it acts as neuro-shield for patients diseases like Alzheimer’s. Several incidences of improvement in Parkinson’s is also noticed. It helps stimulate brain cells and accelerate the growth of new ones. THC is anti-inflammatory.  Also, it contains antioxidant properties which cuts down stress. Plus, it has been a potential antidote for the HIV/AIDS, thus helping them sleep claimed studies. However, a lot of studies has to be done to establish the benefits of THC.

Can High Dose Affect Your Body

Since everybody reacts to cannabis differently, the doses should be different for different person. With its high dose, many people suffer from the adverse side effects. With extremely high dose, you might get anxiety and paranoia. Even seasoned users can experience adverse effects if they overdo it. Hence, it’s important to stick to the balanced dose to experience THC’s relaxing and sedative effects.

Why Choose High THC Strains?

As already mentioned, doses differ from one person to the other, keep in mind that it’s always advisable to start its doses low. There can be reasons to start with high doses, but doctors prescribe it only when the person is able to tolerate it. However, patients with certain kinds of cancer or severe chronic pain are prescribed high does to keep the pain at bay.

THC Strains Treat Anxiety
THC Strains Treat Anxiety

For many people, high doses do not bring anxiety or restlessness. Instead, they get a relaxing high. The right balance of cannabinoids and terpenes actually play the trick. The bottom line is finding the right dose is subject to trial and error.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out the right dose of THC is important as that’s the only way to relieve your anxiety. THC can be a potential antidote when the right dose is administered and it’s subject to experimentation.