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The Legalities Regarding Marijuana In America

Cannabis, or marijuana, or hemp, have been the topic of debate for years. The legalisation of the use and possession of the plant and any product made of it has been under question globally and there is no global consensus regarding this. There are many countries in America and Asia where it is perfectly legal to possess, sell, transport, or use marijuana or marijuana based products.

However, in almost every other country the possession, sale, use and transport of cannabis is illegal. Among them some have criminalized it, while others have decriminalized the act. Some of the countries are a little more tolerant as well and do not impose the criminal offense strongly.

Cannabis is a Class A Drug
Cannabis is a Class A Drug

Marijuana as a Medicine

This is a part of medicines for centuries. The plant and its product have effect on the nerves which makes it perfect for the treatment of a few acute issues. The proof of its use is available from various historical incidents and writings. The criminalization or illegalization of the plant and its product, thus, faced opposition from many quarters. They always feel the viability of amending the law to accommodate the use of cannabis.

Cannabis as a Class A Drug

If we look at the situation of the European nations, the condition is pretty confusing for any person. The residents of the EU are free to travel through the countries under the EU. However, when it comes to possession, travel, sell and use of cannabis, some of the countries do not have any strict law against it, while there are others which see it as Class A drugs. This makes possession of cannabis a minor offence in some countries with a small fine slapped against the person for that, while there are those where the person can actually face lifetime in prison for the same offense. Given the history of cannabis as a medicinal plant and its use in varied field, there are many, who demand decriminalizing and legalizing the possession, use, and sell of cannabis. It is, however, a problem to implement such law all across the EU nations. The need to reach a consensus is thus important.

Everyday Use of Cannabis

Marijuana, heroin, and opium, all of these have been termed illegal almost all over the US. But even after the introduction of synthetic opiates and the crackdown from time to time, all of these are in use. These have excellent analgesic properties which have kept them in business as well. The situation is such that whenever there is a crackdown on the natural substances the people turn towards the artificial opiates, and vice versa. The cycle goes on and persists. This has actually become a matter of national economy given the fact that a huge resource, both in terms of money and man-hours of the law enforcers goes into this process, which has now come under scanner.

Cannabis is legal in many countries today
Cannabis is legal in many countries today

Final Thoughts

The opinion of the leaders and the lawmakers in the different nations is almost similar. They feel that the time has come when they should treat dealers as criminals and the consumers as victims; and only corrective reforms can bring actual positive results.