All About CBD,  The SCIENCE

THC & CBD – basics

We hear a lot about THC and CBD these days, but what are they? For starters, their full names are Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol. Both are cannabinoids — a chemical compound that acts on neurotransmitters in the brain that are found in cannabis, among the other 160+ similar compounds in the plant (CBG, CBE…).

THCA and CBDA are found in the highest percentage levels in the raw cannabis plant, about 10%-20% for the former and 1%-3% for the latter. Today, research around cannabis plants has led to strains with higher amounts of these active ingredients. After drying and heating the cannabis flowers, THCA and CBDA turn into THC and CBD.

Before this transformation, these substances have no psychoactive effects. Generally, THC is responsible for the high feeling of using cannabis and CBD for body relaxation. One of the most astonishing things about these two cannabinoids is that CBD can eliminate the euphoria from THC. It was discovered that using a 1:1 ratio will cancel the high.

When choosing a cannabis strain, among the most important things to check out are the CBD/THC levels and ratio. If getting stoned is your goal, go for +20% THC and -1% CBD. For daytime use, while you need to function, closer to a 1:1 ratio would be the best pick. And if getting high is the last thing you are seeking, then a strain with a higher amount of CBD than THC will do the job.

Both cannabinoids have different healing powers attributed to them. Research is only in its baby steps, but already there are drugs derived from CBD: Epidiolex for seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndrome, for example. Though we can’t say for sure what will heal you, we do know that cannabis will help you — to sleep, eat, relax and have a great time.

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