Starting to use cannabis

There are many different reasons to start using cannabis: relaxation, pain management, building an appetite, laughing, and many more. Sometimes, peer pressure is one of them. Surely you know or at least have heard a bad story about someone who had a terrible panic attack using cannabis.  Many times this is caused by consuming a high dosage that doesn’t suit the experience.

The active ingredient in marijuana, Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the source for the “high” feeling you get. It is also the main reason for paranoia and anxiety that occurs sometimes. These are the most significant downsides for the wonder plant. To make it clear as glass, the higher THC level, the stronger “high” and greater chances of experiencing a “bad experience.”

You can’t overdose on weed! But you should consume it responsibly. The most simple and common way to start using cannabis responsibly is micro-dosing. This technique is very easy to apply. Generally, it works like this: when beginning with any cannabis product, consume 0.1 grams and wait for the effect to kick in. The waiting time varies between different cannabis products: edibles, smoking or vaping. Dabbing is not advised for beginners. If the high is not satisfying add another 0.1 grams and so forth.  I do suggest to start with smoking, the effect will kick in fast and make it easier to assess the impact.

There is a good chance that the first few times using cannabis you won’t even feel high. Don’t try to consume a high dose to make it work. Just go with it and keep micro-dosing until you know the amount that’s good for you.

If you do experience a bad trip, try to relax and remember that cannabis can’t really hurt you. There are a few ways to relax the senses. First, try closing your eyes and just focusing on something good like music. Or wash your face with cold water or take a shower. What I find most helpful is eating a snack, usually something sweet. Hands down this will end with a serious munch. Finally, if nothing helps, just sleep it off and everything will be fine.

Good luck 🙂

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