Joints Vs. Spliffs

I enjoy having a joint* once in a while, or to be accurate, a spliff.** Do you know that people in Israel call spliffs joints?!? Why is that?!? There’s no solid answer for this, but I can tell you that encountering a real joint is very rare. This could have a couple of reasons. First of all, the high price of weed, which goes for $20-$30 a gram. Another option is just the habit of smoking tobacco — people stop smoking cigarettes but start smoking spliffs, same same but different. I had heard that the origin of the spliff dates back to when in some places people smoked only hash, which requires the use of tobacco, and today is just culture based. Or maybe it’s because tobacco’s effect in a joint gives a different high. Who knows?

For regular joint users, a spliff would be painful, the tobacco would cause them to cough uncontrollably and curse the person who rolled it up. For spliff users, a joint won’t satisfy their craving for the nicotine but will get them extra high. Those of you who identify with either of these groups know exactly what I mean.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to each method, joints or spliffs, so let’s go through a few of them: First of all, on the downside, we’re not in the sixties anymore, and we all know that tobacco is bad for your health. Secondly, tobacco smells terrible and sticks to your fingers! The biggest reason in my opinion to leave weed and tobacco separate is that the highly addictive nicotine will transform you into a pothead for the wrong reasons.

On the other hand, we should admit that tobacco has a few great upsides in a joint: First, there’s that unproven idea going around that tobacco enhances the high. But you do save a bundle of cash mixing less marijuana in your cig (which is like saying we save money adding beer into our vodka). And the spliffs won’t go out every two minutes. As for my personal favorite spliff advantage: the ability to keep going without stopping at a doughnut shop.

In conclusion, have a joint, have a spliff, do whatever feels right, as long you remember tobacco kills and cannabis doesn’t 😉

*Joint – cannabis cigarette
** Spliff – cannabis and tobacco cigarette mixed together
*** Hash (hashish) – brown formation of the resin collected together from the cannabis flowers

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