The connection between cannabis and technology cannot be overstressed. Starting from strain identification and supply chain tracking to potency testing and allocation management, the need for advanced technology within the cannabis industry is paramount. As the cannabis industry across the world continues to demonstrate innovations, successes are being recorded. Innovations in cannabis have increased and gained ground in response to the cannabis legalization by more states, for both recreational and medical purposes.

The economic potential of the cannabis market in the United States has become more achievable because of the continual innovation activities. It is so because the connection between cannabis and innovation continues to lengthen and strengthen more especially as pot exclusion declines. All around the globe particularly in the United States, the pace at which innovations in cannabis industry is moving in terms of supply chain advancement, payment methods, operational systems, technology, and how companies engage with consumers is substantial.

In the global cannabis industry, Canada remains undeniable leader, and its leadership was solidified by the depiction of Federal law that legalized the usage of medical cannabis first, followed by it recreational use in the three territories and ten provinces of Canada.

Since innovation in the cannabis industry is a global phenomenon, companies in Canada are feeling the heat from other companies around the globe mainly from the United States to produce and commercialize innovative devices, services, products, processes, and systems that continue to reform the cannabis industry. Creative innovators, opportunistic and smart entrepreneurs are making the mark as the cannabis market continues to grow in the United States. Recorded scores of successful innovations have added more value to the cannabis industry.

Below are some of the innovations and their application that has reshaped the cannabis industry.

Modular Grow Facilities

Innovations in the construction of cannabis grow facilities have followed repetition in other industries. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) follow best practices of constructing modular grow facilities and custom designing an industrial unit/, and then shipping and arranging the units on site. A grow facility is a multifarious structure with numerous systems that are needed to operate dry/cure rooms, flower rooms, cultivation rooms, and extraction labs. By focusing on the modular designs, creative designers, architects, and builders have team up to sky-rocket the procedure of launching grow facilities speedily while concurrently reducing operation cost and facilities’ construction.

LED Lighting

Lighting is a critically significant element in how productively and effectively indoor grow facilities can function.  The cannabis industry constantly searches for groundbreaking solutions for producing less expensive, sustainable and more efficient means to keep the light lit and the plant to grow fast. Innovations in LED lighting has resulted in features that use less power and generating more light, a customized light spectrum that increased harvests and shorten grow cycles, long-lasting bulbs and low cost of bulbs.

Terpene Isolation

The cannabis industry has applied the use of terpene isolation; a practice that is common to the fragrance industry. This technique is used to detach certain fragrances from flowers and other plants, the technology advanced and stretched out from fragrance and essential oil industries and become a crossover technology into the cannabis industry. Isolated terpenes from both cannabis-derived and non-cannabis derived isolation can be used to impart cannabis products.

Data Visualization and Large Data

The emergence of bulky data has emphasis both the challenges and opportunities facing the cannabis industry. The data visualization technology has revealed value from raw data. To find out how best to make meaning out of the huge amount of data being produce, stored, reclaimed and analyze, the opportunities to innovate proliferate for software developers, engineers and builders, and coders to create problem-solving solutions that make meaning of the data produced, from the tracking, identifying, verifying, purchasing, reporting and regulatory oversight functions that are SOPs in the cannabis industry.

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