How to consume CBD

Cannabidiol CBD is quickly gaining widespread popularity around the world. Perhaps it is its newly discovered abilities like relieving chronic pain, stress, inflammation and inducing sleep among others that have contributed to this growing popularity in the medical world as well as communities seeking natural solutions for their health.

Regardless of the reason, we are currently in an age where anyone interested in consuming CBD, even for the first time, has an array of consumption methods to choose from. You can choose ways to consume CBD depending on how fast you want the effects to start kicking in, to how long you want the effect to last.  

5 common ways to consume CBD

  1. CBD in edibles

This is one of the most common and discrete methods to consume CBD. In this method, CBD is added to edibles such as beverages and foods.

Cafes that are licensed to sell CBD products add it in drinks like coffee, and smoothies or baked products like cookies and cakes. CBD is also infused in other edibles like gummies and candy varieties. Alternatively, you can also include CBD in your meals when cooking at home.

CBD is broken down during digestion before it enters your bloodstream. For this reason, it will take longer, an average of 2-hours, for you to feel its effects compared to inhaling. However, it will also last longer in your system, an average of 8-hours due to the same reason.

    2. Tinctures and CBD oil

Tinctures come from mixing carrier liquids like vegetable-glycerin, vinegar, or alcohol with CBD. CBD oils, on the other hand, are composed of carrier oils like hemp seed oil, MCT, or coconut oil and CBD.

Tinctures and CBD oils are usually sold in small bottles with a dropper to help you administer the dosage under your tongue or mixed in a drink or with food in measured quantities. They are also very discreet ways to consume CBD.

The effect on CBD oils and tinctures can take effect within 20-40 minutes.

     3. Topical

Topical use of CBD is mostly for individuals who want to treat localized inflammation and pain. CBD is used in products like gel, oil, or lotions to help people with arthritis pain, sore muscles, inflammation, and acne.  

Human skin has endocannabinoid receptors, which are believed to interact with the CBD. If you want a CBD consumption method that helps relieve pain without introducing it into your bloodstream, then topical use is the way to go.

        4. Transdermal patch

Unlike topical use of CBD where it only interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors found under the skin, transdermal/skin patches go past the endocannabinoid receptors and enter your bloodstream.

The body produces heat, which activates the patch and enables it to release the CBD in small amounts over an extended period- usually 4-6 hours.   

There are of two types:

  • Matrix patches- these are infused with CBD, usually in the adhesive layer.
  • Reservoir patches- these have a small reservoir containing CBD, which mostly has a mix of gel solution. They are also more controlled, which means you will get the CBD in steady amounts over some time.

            5. Vaping

For anyone looking for a quick way to feel the effect of CBD, vaping/inhaling is the way to go. However, it is a less discrete method of consuming CBD compared to the other methods.

Once you inhale CBD, it will enter your bloodstream directly through your lungs and take effect almost immediately, 5-10 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, the effect will also not last long (2-4 hours), compared to other previous methods we have covered like consuming CBD edibles.  

There are three ways to go about this- vaping dried CBD-rich flower, vaping CBD concentrates, vaping CBD oil.

Which method should you use?

We are all built differently, and our bodies react differently. You should, therefore, do extensive research on each way to consume CBD before embracing any of them. Start using in small dosages and increase with time, until you know what amount is right for you. Where possible, you can try the above methods of consumption to see which one suits you better.  


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