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How Effective Is Cannabis For Cancer Patients

Cannabis, being a psychoactive drug, bears an alter name ‘marijuana”. It is actually a plant extract that serves as an effective medicine for cancer patients. It can be consumed in various ways depending upon the individuals’ choice. You can mix it with food or in the form of vapor. Many people prefer smoking it. Cannabis has long been served the medicinal purposes for cancer patients. It comes with a placebo effect to reduce the pain experienced by such patients post-chemo. It also helps to lessen certain symptoms in such patients.

Medical Cannabis Offers Placebo Effect on the Cancer Patients

Cannabis for cancer patients offer placebo effect
Cannabis for cancer patients offer placebo effect

According to some studies, cannabis not only appears to be effective for cancer patients in minimizing pain , post chemo and radio therapy but also it bears a soothing effect on the nausea and vomiting tendencies in those patients thereby preventing it from happening. Cannabis leaves, have also proved to be accurately effective in slowing the growth of certain cancer cells that can actually cause death of the patient. Cancer being one of the most deadly disease , usually spreads in the body of the patient very fast. Thus, cannabis can easily slower the growth and spread of this harmful disease.

Types of Cannabis Drugs

 Cannabis or Cannabinoid drugs are generally of two types –

  • Dronabinol – It is one type of cannabinoid drug, which the US Food and Drug Administration Department approves clinically. It is actually a gelatin capsule bearing the composition of delta – 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol prevents nausea and vomiting tendencies in patients suffering from cancer. It also helps to prevent weight loss and appetite related problems in patients suffering from AIDs.
  • Nabilone – It is another type of cannabinoid drug which serves the same medicinal purpose as Dronabinol . It is a synthetic cannabinoid serving the same medicinal purpose when other treatments and medicines fail to work on the patients.
  • Nabiximols– It is another form of cannabinoid drug under the US study, is actually a spray for the mouth comprising a mixture of THC and cannabidiol ( CBD) in the exact one to one ratio. This drug is abundant in Canada and some parts of Europe. It comes with placebo effect and helps reduce the muscle spasms and pain related to cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis for Cancer Patients is Highly Effective
Cannabis for Cancer Patients is highly effective

Even though it has such benefits, the effects are still under research upon for more accurate understanding and information.  Although the American Cancer Society has supported the option of doing extensive research on the use of cannabis as a means of helping patients to deal with the side effects of cancer , it is hoping to also provide other better and advanced treatments for curing the harmful effects of the said disease.Thus, it is advisable to use cannabis as  a medicine for cancer patients along with other medicines keeping in mind it’s benefits and harmful effects, as well as the concerned patients preferences with regard to it’s consumption or any other rules , regulations or laws that may apply along with the full consultation of the doctor.