Cannabis STRAINS

Cannabis Strains for Pain Management

Reputations about cannabis for the last several years have been shifting
significantly. Societies and medical communities are seen as understanding and
appreciating cannabis because of its health benefits.
Medical cannabis can treat and relieve pain. Some of the few pains that medical
cannabis can relieve are migraines and help in managing nerve pain. Here are
some of the medical cannabis strains that are good for pain management.

Cannatonic is considered as a restorative strain because of its high content of
CBD and terpene. Peoples who suffer from chronic pains can use cannatonic
because if its effects on therapy. Having less than 6 % of THC, it can be
consumed it the daytime. The Cannatotic strain also contains aromatic

Blueberry Kush
Blueberry Kush is capable of helping a person to come out of constant
discomfort, which can make you feel stressed. Blueberry type of strain is
recommended to be consumed during bedtime, due to its ability to make the body
to relax. It’s potential to manage pain and insomnia; Blueberry Kush may also be
considered as the perfect choice of ADHD, headaches and mood disorders. Blueberry Kush is considered as a pleasurable choice because of its notes of berries and earthy herbs.

ACDC is a strain with a high concentration of CBD and THC. ACDC as a medical
cannabis strain with a high concentration of both CBD and THC, It’s considered
as one with the ability to relieve all types of pain. According to the users of
ACDC, medical cannabis with a high concentration of CBD and THC can be used to
relieve similar pain experience.

This is a medical cannabis strain with high levels of CDB, and it minimizes
pain effectively according to the people who use it. Canna-Tsu is one of the
favorite medical strains because of its reduced psychoactive effects. There is
no need for interfering with the progress of your day when you have Canna-Tsu.

Jack Herer
This strain was named after the famous cannabis activist, Jack Herer. It
relieves discomfort and is great for a patient experiencing general pain, and
also depression. Jack Herer is also known as a daytime sativa to help boost
your energy.

Sour Diesel
This kind of medical strain contains a high amount of THC and low amounts of
CBD, making it suitable to be consumed during the daytime. Despite its ability
to bring about the psychoactive effect, this medical strain is also a great
option for relieving pain without a heavy feeling.

There are different varieties of medical cannabis strains for pain management.
Each strain has its medicinal properties in a specified way. Experimentations
and different methods of consumption of the strains can help people who suffer
from different ailments to discover the best strain for them.

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