Cannabis usage can occur in several ways than the well-known smoking method. Below are available methods in which cannabis can be used.


This is the most popular method of using cannabis in which the user rolls it in the form of cigarette and smokes it. It can be smoked in a blunt, (a cigar that has been hollowed out to replace the tobacco content with cannabis or a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. Weed can also be smoked in a bong or a pipe in which the smoke is filtered via the liquid. A mini-bong that is about the size of a pipe called bubbler is also used to smoke cannabis; this is one of the ancient methods of smoking cannabis. It is, however, a known fact those cannabis users are very creative especially when they run out of rolling papers, they can fashion out pipes and bongs out of corn cobs, cans, piece of fruits or even soda bottles.


This method of using cannabis is to a certain extent similar to vaping, but it uses tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) resin extracted from the cannabis plant. It may be in soft soda form (budder or wax), hard solid (shatter) or oil form (honey oil or hash oil). The resin extract is placed into a glass pipe or bong, and itโ€™s heated with a blowtorch. It creates vapor almost immediately. However, Dabbing is believed to create a greater high than smoking.


This method is effectively used through vaporization. A vaporizer heats the cannabis to a point just below the point of combustion, and the composite ingredients are inhaled. Some cannabis users tends to prefer vaping because vaporizers are small and easy to hide, it reduces the harmful effect of smoke, it produces less cannabis smell than smoking, and some users claim they have a better high when they vape.

Gravity Bong

This is another method of smoking cannabis using common domestic items either made from soda bottles, milk jugs or plastic bottles; they are sometimes called waterfall bong or bucket bong. The gravity bong uses gravity to twitch the smoke into the chamber with water or sometimes wine or beer.

Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures are a liquid extract from the cannabis plant that is filled with either water or solution of alcohol. Using this method, the user places a little drop of the solution underneath the tongue, and itโ€™s speedily absorbed into the bloodstream. This method is usually used for medical purposes because this form of cannabis is highly potent, fast-acting, and highly concentrated; because it produces a strong high, it is habitually abused.


This method involves filling liquids with CBD or THC to produce sprays that the user can spray under the tongue. This spray method is usually used by medical cannabis users who want to shun the harmful effect of smoke.

Topical Methods

Topical oils are extracts from the cannabis plant that is denser than the oils used in eatable products. The oils are used for medicinal purposes only because they do not produce high. The user places the oil on the skin, and it is absorbed to get rid of soreness and, or muscle pain.

Oral Ingestion

Oils from the cannabis plant can be used either by baking, cooking or merely mixing it with food to form a variety of products that can orally be ingested or taken in capsule form. Cannabis oil can also be added to beverages, and using cannabis leaves to make tea is now more effective than it used to be way back.

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