Cannabis STRAINS

Five Cannabis Strains you have to know about

Cultivators nowadays are capable of choosing the desired characteristics of appearance, growth, and effect of cannabis. This proves to be very helpful in finding the strain for you and your needs.

Locating the strength of cannabis is not that simple and easy as, once you choose which strain you want to use, you also need to keep in mind that the factors which affect the THC content of the bud.

The main external factors that influence your bud’s strength include temperature and humidity, light source, nutrient levels, location (indoor or outdoor), carbon dioxide levels and the growing medium (hydroponics or soil).

Another factor is genetics, which also affects the strength of the plant, as it holds all the information about the plant. The way it smells and tastes, how it grows and how much CBD and THC it produces. Surprisingly just like humans, cannabis reflects a mixture of traits from their parent strain.

Stable genetics have predictable features that are passed down by the parent strains. The unstable genetics, on the other hand, reflect unpredictable features, passed down by the parent strain which can be difficult to manage.

You cannot just randomly select cannabis to grow in your garden. You need to know first what kind is most suitable for you. For centuries, heirloom and landrace seeds have been cultivated and their traits are specifically adaptive to their native environment. Whereas, the ones that are grown indoors, they are smaller in size, have are less pungent and more pest resilient.

That is why before choosing the seed, you should have a good, clear idea of the way you intend to grow in your garden. Here are the 5 most talked about cannabis stains that you should try.

1. Fat Banana

This fat monster has a distinct banana aroma and buds with a yellow tinge. It is the hybrid with Kush genetics and fruity flavor. Its THC content is often recorded higher than 25% and this strong level is not recommended for novices. It stimulates the appetite of seasonal smokers and soothes anxiety. Its euphoric effects help the user get to sleep.

2. Green Gelato

Different regions in California are competing to cultivate the best cannabis. Out of them, Green Gelato is a must-try for any cannabis-lover which has a sweet tooth as being the offspring of Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It has a sweet flavor and a high strength. It has a THC content above 25%. This intoxicating amalgam of sharp mint, spicy kush, fruity tones, and warm cookie flavor chills your body out.

3. Royal Gorilla

For the first time, it has been made available outside the United States. It has pleasantly light-green buds with 26% THC content. With citrus flavors, it is incredible. It is suitable for the therapeutic uses.

4. Hulkberry

The state of Colorado was one of the first states who legalized recreational marijuana and its first-movers have been cultivating some top class, most impressive delicious and tasty hybrids ever known to humanity.

One of which has already taken Europe by storm. Hulkberry achieved success at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. It is very strong with THC content beyond 28%. It is breeding of strawberry Diesel and OG Kush therefore; it is a powerful mix of Sativa and Indica effects.

5. Amnesia Haze

After the haze genetics, several hybrids seeds in the Netherlands were combined with a male-derived of haze plant that resulted in Amnesia Haze. As the name suggests, with its fresh, fruity flavor, just after a season it completely blows away the mind of the user.

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